Display Advertising

Place your Virginia advertising in any state newspaper or newspaper website with just one call.

Virginia Press can facilitate your entire newspaper print and online buy -- just call Adriane Long at (804) 521-7585 for more information.

We have many ways to get your message out:

  • Customized Buy: Pick and choose your list of newspapers.
  • AdVirginia Print Network: Consists of all 22 daily newspapers in the state and nearly 4 million readers. Buy any or all placements with our one-order, one-bill service.
  • VirginiaOnline-- Offers you an easy way to reach 8 million unique visitors a month to Virginia newspaper websites. You can pick and choose from our entire list of newspaper sites for a customized one-order, one-bill advertising schedule in any of the three industry-standard online ad sizes. Download our VirginiaOnline brochure for more information. Download a VirginiaOnline brochure.
  • State/National National Ad Placement-- We'll place your ad in any combination of newspapers in Virginia or across the nation. One or 1,500! We'll prepare the insertion order, package and mail the ads, and collect the tearsheets.Virginia Press Services Brochure (PDF)