Virginia Freedom of Information Act; completed unattended death investigations; disclosure.



House: Passed House BLOCK VOTE (98-Y 0-N)

Date Updated

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

VPA Position


Requires that records of completed unattended death investigations be released to immediate family members of the victim, provided that (i) such information is in a form that does not reveal the identity of persons supplying information or other individuals involved in the investigation and (ii) the immediate family members of the victim have been ruled out as suspects. The bill defines "immediate family" as the spouse, children, parents, grandparents, brothers, or sisters of the victim.

Senate Amendment:

1. Line 35, introduced, after d.

strike: remainder of line 35 and all of lines 36 through 40

insert: Records of completed unattended death investigations to the parent or spouse of the decedent or, if there is no living parent or spouse, to the most immediate family member of the decedent. For the purposes of this subdivision, “unattended death” means a death determined to be a suicide, accidental or natural death where law enforcement has determined no criminal charges will be initiated, and “immediate family” means the decedent’s personal representative or, if no personal representative has qualified, the decedent’s next of kin in order of intestate succession as set forth in § 64.2-200.

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