A Free Press Threatened - Statement from the Virginia Press Association

June 20, 2016

A free press has been the foundation of our democracy since the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1791. Yet, after 225 years, Americans may be taking it for granted. Donald Trump’s recent action “revoking” the Washington Post’s access to his campaign should remind us that the First Amendment is often under threat.

The founders of our nation created a democracy ruled by the people. They knew a strong democracy is an informed democracy.

The Washington Post has been informing and educating the public about politics and government for 139 years. One of the most respected newspapers in this country, the Post won’t stop doing its job of covering politics no matter what any candidate says.

Donald Trump will not be able to keep the press from covering his campaign. But it should give us all pause when the presumptive presidential candidate of a major political party thinks it is acceptable to thwart the press and, indeed, the First Amendment. A small crack in the wall of a free press today could become a gaping hole if we don’t voice our concerns now.

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