Daily Press Publisher Digby Solomon retiring

From:  Daily Press

By:  Dave Ress

The Daily Press Media Group's top executive is retiring after a four-decade career in journalism.

Digby A. Solomon, 62, has served as publisher and CEO of the Newport News-based company since 2007.

C-Ville Weekly & Daily Press recognized in Editor & Publisher

From:  Editor & Publisher

By:  Nu Yang and Adreana Young

'Secret Police' bill tabled in Richmond

From:  Daily Press

By:  Travis Fain

House panel kills bill to allow police officers' names to be kept secret

From: Richmond Times-Dispatch

By:  Graham Moomaw

A controversial bill that would have allowed police officers’ names to be kept secret was killed by a unanimous vote Thursday in a House of Delegates subcommittee.

Virginia House panel kills Sen. Cosgrove's police secrecy bill

From:  The Virginian-Pilot

By:  Patrick Wilson

A state House subcommittee voted unanimously Thursday evening to kill a bill that would have allowed names of all police officers and deputies in the state to be kept secret.

Editorial: Virginia doesn't need secret police

From:  The Virginian-Pilot

If there is any comfort to be found in the state Senate passing a bill to conceal the names of law enforcement officials in Virginia, it’s that the House can and should bury it in the coming days.

Citizens will not rest easy until the deed is done. Nor should that bill’s eradication be celebrated as a remedy to much more worrisome malignancy in Richmond.

Meet Officer anonymous

From: The Smithfield Times 2.24.16

By: John Edwards

To Prevent Another Flint, Make All Open Data Machine Readable

From:  Alex Salkever Crunch Network Contributor

The lead poisoning of the entire city of Flint, Michigan was preventable and should never have happened.

The Post's View Virginia police, behind masks

From: The Washington Post

By: Editorial Board

YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW Editorial: We don't need secret police in Virginia

From: Richmond Times-Dispatch