Susan Carter, publisher of The Southwest Times, dies

Susan Carter, who had served as the publisher of The Southwest Times since November 2012, died May 30 at the age of 60.

Carter joined the Pulaski publication from the Suffolk News-Herald, where she served as general manager. She also had journalism experience in Ohio, Florida and South Carolina.

Sarah Bradbury, managing editor of The Southwest Times, called Carter a "born leader" and noted that she "helped me to realize my potential and fight for what I wanted." 

"Sue commanded respect from anyone who encountered her, yet she never really felt like a boss to me because she was so approachable and human," Bradbury wrote. "That’s not to say she didn’t lose her temper a time or two over a problem with the paper, because she did, her intense devotion to her career and the product being the driving force behind it.  

"But whenever any issues arose at work, as soon as they were dealt with, she was ready to buy lunch for everyone, or get one of us a birthday cake. We always have a reason for cake at the paper."

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