Virginia Press Services

In 1954, Virginia Press Association created the media buying division of Virginia Press Services, Inc.

VPS is an industry-funded ad placement service. We are here to provide you with a simple and effective way to place multi-newspaper advertising schedules. We will handle your entire newspaper ad buy, both in print and online, from start to finish. Since we are owned by our newspapers, there is no charge for our media buying services.

VPS serves as a one-stop shop for regional and national newspaper advertising planning and placement. VPS will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed, effective advertising buy every time.

VPS facilitates newspaper ad buys for any newspaper in the state or country!

VPS facilitates newspaper ad buys for financial institutions, state departments, telecommunication companies, political and advocacy issues, legal advertising, retail advertising, etc.

We handle all ofthe research on rates, circulation, mechanical ad specs and guidelines. Your staff will no longer need to spend hours collecting newspaper information. We will provide you with one itemized cost proposal with allthe information you will need to make your decisions on what final newspaper ad schedule you want to purchase.

Once you approve the final schedule, we will send out all the orders to the papers, collect the confirmations, and send out the adcopy to all the individual papers. Once all the ads run, our staff will collect all the proofs of publication to confirm your ads ran as scheduled. We will then attach all the proofs of publication to ONE itemized invoice for you so all you need to do is send ONE check to VPS for your entire newspaper ad schedule.

We have made media buying for newspaper advertising fast, easy and stress-free!

The Newspaper Association of America, a nonprofit organization representing nearly 2,000 newspapers and their multiplatform businesses in the United States and Canada, provides a collection of downloadable and customizable ads that focus on the power of newspaper media and the value newspapers offer to advertisers. Click here to see the high-resolution, print-ready PDF files.

VPS Bylaws